Sunday, 25 January 2009

My new budget

After buying a house, moving to Mississauga and leasing a car, my budget has changed just a little bit... Well, a lot! xD So here you go, a budget for 2 with house and car living in Mississauga and working in Toronto :)

House payment -1,600.00
Hydro -150.00
Gas -153.25
Water -50.00
Fido -100.00 (Cellular phones)
Rogers -145.00 (Home phone, Internet and Cable)
Home Insurance -70.20
Life Insurance -46.21
Car Insurance -262.65
Car Leasing -259.18
Food -300.00
TTC -100.00 (Tokens that we use from time to time)
GO/MT Aiglee -200.00 (Go train and Mississauga Transit buses)
GO/MT Igor -150.00 (Go train and Mississauga Transit buses)
Car Gas -100.00
Total $3686

Of course this a 2 salary budget and you can always save not having cable and things like that, but you can have an idea of how much would cost now!


Moe said...

All work no fun?

Does the lease include the oil changes and maintaining the car?
or is it out of pocket?

how do you factor on Tax?

are there any:
Home Tax?
Road Tax?

you have clarity, calarity makes it alot easier to manage your life, good luck.


Aiglee said...

hahahaha ^^

Lets see... The lease includes 3 oil changes and checks, so at least at the beginning it does.

Tax on the car is included in the car lease amount. Home tax is included in the house payments ;)

Prosecco said...

hi! thanks for the tips.

Just curious
is this per month for everything?
What kind of cell phone package do you have?
And is this the cheapest package for phone/cable/internet?

Thanks! just trying to work out a budget for when my boyfriend and I move there

Prosecco said...

ps. any idea how taxes etc work in a condo?
I understand condos have a monthly fee, but are taxes usually included? thanks!

Johnada said...

Our budget is pretty similar, but we don't own. Where's the entertainment, that's the best part?

Zhu said...

Sounds about right to me.

I wish I had a steady income to budget better... and not being paid by the hour.

Anonymous said...


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Aiglee said...

Sorry for taking so long!!

Prosecco, yes, that is monthly. Our package is a couple's package, the calls between us are unlimited and we have around 100 minutes included for everyone else. There are other packages out there, and you can get some a little bit more economic, it depends on how much internet access you want, how many tv channels you want, etc.
As far as I know, the taxes are included in the condominium, but I'm not really sure.

Johnada, entertainment is everything else xD We don't actually have a budget for that one, we just try not to expend too much ^^

Zhu, is true, is much more complicated when you are paid by the hour.

Chloe, I really don't know enough to help you, but one or 2 of the blogs I have in my sidebar are living similar experiences to yours.