Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Quick post/update

Quick post to let you know that I'm alive and ok and I'm not leaving my blog, but I'm living through a few things in my life that don't leave me time or energies to post, so thank you for being so patient, I promise to be back!


JuanAltuna said...

Hola soy Juan Carlos caraqueño. Me gusta mucho ver tu pag. nos da mucho animo a nosotros los autoexiliados y recordamos muchas anecdotas de la travesia. Vivo con mi familia aqui en Salt Lake City, Utah en USA desde hace 6 años y mi tercer hijo, una niña nacio aqui en el 2004. Que le recomiendas a una familia, ahora sin status migratorio legal, sobre la posibilidad de vivir y trabajar legalmente en Canada? . Si me puedes responder, contactame a traves de mi e-mail: o me encontraras como juan_el_venezolano en el , alli entre los venezolanos. Gracias y que esten bien y te felicito por ese apoyo que le das a las personas inmigrantes o que piensan emigrar.

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

OK Aiglee, I just let you know that I am reading andfollowing your blog, take care my fiend and I'll find you when you are able to write again.. OK? Its winter here in Holland so I have more time. Bye see you:)

JoAnn's D Eyes Holland

Aiglee said...

Juan, te mande un correo!

Thanks JoAnn!! Yes, winter... I need a little bit more of warm over here already!! xD

Nelson said...

I saw you briefly last night at the Venezuela-Italy game (March 10th).
You were sitting maybe 3 rows up from my right.
I saw you on the last inning, and said to myself that I will introduce myself after the game ended, but boy, you guys were in a hurry.
I was talking with my daughter and when I turned around with her to walk towards you, you guys were gone :-(

Anyway, it was a good game.

Take care

Aiglee said...

hahaha, yeah, we were always running to get home, that Toronto - Mississauga trip at night plus waking up early took a toll on us ^^