Monday, 19 January 2009

Buying a car

When buying a car, there are a lot of different decisions you need to take care of, like a new car or a used one, leasing or buying, budget, type, company and color and who knows how many more.

For us was pretty easy since we already had a year here and just bought a house, so our credit rating was pretty good. We wanted a new car and I really wanted a Toyota, so we went to Motorway Avenue here in Mississauga, that has all the car companies in the same street! that way is pretty easy to go from one to another one if you want to ask in different places and they compete for you, so you can get better offers ;)

We decided to lease a Toyota Yaris Sedan, which is like a very long rental (5 years in our case) and is more economic than to buy the car; if you do this, you can return the car in 5 years and just get another one! The monthly payments are going to depend in your initial payment and the price of the car.

It took us a grand total of 3 days to say which car we wanted and to have the keys in our hands, so it was pretty easy :D

The big problem now is to get all the snow off it almost every morning ^^


John said...

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Moe said...

I don't know how is your exact point of view, buying is better than lease!
Do you listen to Dave Ramsey?
OK, OK, many love him, many hate him.
just listen to his daily radioshow or his podcast online, he knows finance, real estate, insurance inside out.
is is a US phenomena.

get back to me on what you think.

best wishes

Prosecco said...

My mom used to have this type of care,its very good. Very all you need are some winter tires :)

How to Live in Canada said...

Hi there,

Just found your blog and congratulations for your new car. I'm planning to buy one and Toyota is for sure a great brand and of course a car.

As you're living in Mississauga, I assume car is a must have right?

Maybe later you can talk about the process of having the insurance for your car, as a brand new one, maybe it is different, right?

Keep the good work.

Aiglee said...

Thanks John!!

Moe, everything is relative, we plan to change cars in 3 years, so in that case is better to lease!

Prosecco, yes! Def. for next winter I will :)

Hi how to live in Canada, yes, in Mississauga is really a must have! Everything is just a little too far walking ^^ The insurance is pretty straight forward, you just have to call your insurance company and give them the phone number of the sales guy and they take care of everything :D