Wednesday, 7 January 2009

On my way to work

Before moving from Toronto, I used to take the subway to work, a 30 minutes ride at any moment, and almost nothing from the subway station to the office!

Now that I moved to Mississauga, since I work at Downtown Toronto, the story is a little bit different... I have to leave the house around 7:28, when is still a little bit dark ^^

In 10 minutes I arrive at the bus stop, and you can see that there is more light now :) So I'm leaving the house just at the sunrise xD

The bus ride takes around 10 to 13 minutes and leaves me at the Go station, where I have to wait aprox. 5 more minutes for the train to arrive... Both the trains and the buses are really on time!!

The train takes around 35 minutes to get to Union Station in Toronto, which I can use to read or watch anime in my new psp :) ... Once I get to union station, I use the path to walk to work:

It takes me around 10 minutes underground (using the path) and around 5 minutes on the cold to get to work ^^ ... So I'm leaving at 7:28 and arrive at work at 8:55, is a much longer trip but enjoyable! Sorry for the quality of the pictures, it was SOOOO cold that I couldn't take time to really take them hehe. Imagine, it was this cold:

I didn't use any zoom ;)


Johnada said...

Mississauga? Now I'm the only expat blogger I know in Toronto. I guess there are probably others - I just need to look.

That's a pretty long trip every day! It takes me 20 minutes, but we are renters and don't own our own place. That would be nice.

Moe said...

you have been missed

Aiglee said...

I'm not that far of Toronto either way :p But yeah, owning a house is what makes it worth it!

Thanks Moe!!

Payeyo said...

Loved your little early morning journal. Do you have to pay extra for the Go Train, or is it covered by your TTC card?

Aiglee said...

Hi Papeyo, sorry for answering so late, yes, you have to pay GO since is a different system than the TTC. What you pay depends on where you go, in my latest post, my new budget, you can see how much I pay for the GO from Streetsville to Union station.