Monday, 5 January 2009

I'm back

Hi!!! I'm back :) and I'll be trying to write as much as I did before, even if I have to write them beforehand! I'm sorry for not writing in so long but I promise to write more and to answer the comments you have done in previous posts! Thank you so much for the loving words, the christmas cards and all the good wishes!!!

Many things have happened in the last month and I'll be trying to write about all of them in the next few weeks... Our house is looking better and better, we learned how to handle the trash with the restrictions the city has, we bought a car :) Igor's family came to visit, we saw Niagara Falls in winter! We had a trip to the hospital with someone without health card (she is ok), and I haven't told you about my new trip to work and many more things :)

Well, I think is enough for this post, now to write 1 or 2 more posts ;) Thank you for waiting for me!!! And I wish for you to have a very happy new year :D

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