Friday, 5 December 2008

Moving day II - The second and final chapter

A week ago we packed everything in this apartment:

And loaded everything to an uHaul truck, which I don't recommend, since we had many problems with them trying to get an hour to look for the truck and giving it to us in Markham instead of Toronto, but the help was great!!

And we moved to this beautiful house!!

And we've been loving every minute we spend here :)

I'm really really grateful with all the help our friends gave us and we had a blast!! :D You can see many more pictures of the moving and the house here ;)


Zhu said...

I'm glad you found your little paradise in Canada ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great house, I wish you all the blessings that it can bring into your life.
Just wanted to ask, other than having your own kingdom, would buying a house help in the formalities of settling in Canada?
best wishes

fran said...

Wow, it's such a beautiful home! Well done guys. All the best in this chapter of your life.

Aiglee said...

Thank you everyone!

Moe, well, yes, for example this week we are buying a car and when we told the bussiness person that we've been to Canada only a year, she didn't like it that much, until we told her we were home owners.

Moe said...

Canada must be grateful for you helping the Realestate and Auto industries!

I happy that things are working out fine for you, just have to ask, were you faced with jelousy? well, jelousy is OK, what I meant was were you met with envy?

if you did, where was it coming from? settled immigrants, new immigrants? others?

I am asking because there are always the well wishers and the ...... you know what!

god bless you and keep the posts coming.

Moe said...

Watching the weather report, let me say that you must be enjoying the sun shine!
stay safe


Aiglee said...

Moe, not that I noticed! So far I've only met nice people, so no problems in that area for us ;)