Saturday, 29 November 2008

High-demand occupations

The list of high-demand occupations for Federal Skilled Workers has been publish! As soon as I read the news, I couldn't leave without posting about it.

You can find the list of occupations here:
Job Categories
If you don't see your occupation in a category, look in another one, don't give up!!

The information in the CIC web page says that everyone that has applied after February 28, 2008 and his/her occupation is not in the list, will be contacted to return them their money and the application form. You can read the news here.

There are 38 occupations in the list and among them I found medicine, chefs and cooks, IT Managers, University Professors, and almost everything in the Oil Industry, among others. Good luck to everyone waiting for this list!!! And remember that it doesn't matter if your occupation is in this list, if you have a job offer!


Moe said...

so you are still in the loop!
thanks for the tip.


Zhu said...

This list if huge!

Aiglee said...

No problem!! :)

Well Zhu, 38 is not that many really.

Buccaneer said...

Hi there,

I am in the final stage where I need to pay the RPRF fee of 490 CAN. I am in the US, and how do I get a bank here to create a certified cheque for me in canadian dollars?? I am confused.

Aiglee said...

Hi Buccaneer, no idea! I've never have to do it in the US, just go to the bank and ask!!