Sunday, 23 November 2008

Moving day I - Boxes

We are moving!! Soon :) So we needed boxes of course! There are a few places were you can find boxes.

1) You can buy them at Staples or somewhere similar
2) You can look for them in recycling centres or rooms
3) Do like us, go to a supermarket and ask them at what time is the best time to get their empty boxes, for free ;)

We went to the supermarket at 6am or 11pm and was perfect! We managed to get a lot of free boxes that we are using for our moving day, so you can save a little more for your new home :)


Johnada said...

I hate moving, but when we moved the last time we went to the lcbo for boxes. It was great because their boxes are very sturdy for wine.

Zhu said...

I good place for boxes is Food Basic as well, not sure if you guys have it in Toronto.

Good luck!

Moe said...

Did the boxes came with free snow and rain water?

Aiglee said...

Johnada, another friend also recommended the LCBO boxes, but we already had all the boxes :) Thanks!

We have it Zhu, good to know!!

They did Moe ;)