Sunday, 6 July 2008

Toronto Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Toronto Zoo. I've been to a few zoos in my life, in USA and Venezuela, but this one is by far the biggest one and most impressive one I've seen!

It was pretty impressive, the type of animals, the care the zoo gives them, the conservationist programs they have and the freedom some of the animals have, or the interaction the people visiting the zoo can have with some of the animals.

One of the first things we did was to go to the stingray bay, where you can touch the stingrays :D That was pretty amazing, and to make it even better, it turned out that we were there at the exact moment they were going to feed them! That sounded amazing, until they told us, that we (the people there) were the ones to hand feed them!!! They gave us shrimps and sardines and we hand feed them! WOW, you would think it doesn't get better than this.

Then we went to see the rest of the zoo, with ALL kind of animals.

And we even saw a pregnant seahorse!! SO CUTE!!! :D

And we were able to go inside the kangaroo habitat :0

So we are thinking, wow, amazing day, and keep looking at everything else the zoo has to offer, when all of a sudden a little friend walks by!

Yeap, I'm not kidding you, just passing among us!

And last but not least, a beautiful big grizzly bear playing in the water with a ball!

Really amazing, we were so tired after all that, but it was reeeeaaaally worth it! More pictures in my picasa album ;)


Zhu said...

The bear and the pregnant seahorse are so cute!

I haven't been to any zoo in Canada come to think of it. But I saw a lot of animals in the wild (cf. my last post, coincidence!).

I met a lot of kangaroos in OZ and swam with stingray (didn't sting!) in Belize ;)

Aiglee said...

Yeah, I love them too xD and saw your post, I still have to see in person so much wild life ^^

And swiming with stingrays in Belize, wow!