Sunday, 20 July 2008

Batman - The dark knight

On friday a friend of mine asked me what I was going to do this weekend, saying "you always do something big on weekends" and I said "no this weekend, this weekend I'm going to rest and clean the house".

Little did I know that I would wake up this morning at 6am, take the bus south to queen street, raining, take the streetcar west to john street, raining, and be on line at the Scotiabank theater at 7:15am on a rainy sunday, to watch Batman in Imax!!

This is the first time that I go to the movies that early xD specially a sunday, but was it worht it? Oh yes! it was really really good! It's a shame that we didn't have the camera to take pictures of the looong line that was waiting under the rain at 7am ^^


Zhu said...

I'm way too lazy to queue that early! But I went to see it tonight and we had to queue as well. We left home at 5pm and with the movie etc. came back at close to 10 pm.

It was worth it but I did find the movie a bit long at the end.

Was it Imax3D or just regular Imax?

Aiglee said...

Hi Zhu :D We couldn't go any later because they were all sold out this weekend (at least for Imax), and it was regular imax ;)

Johnada said...

Oh man, I really want to see it at the Imax. Actually things are so crazy right now, that when I finally have time to see it, there probably won't be any lines. I just hope it's still playing

Aiglee said...

For sure you'll have plenty of time to go and see it in Imax, I'm sure it will be there at least for a month, I would bet even more ;)