Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Air Miles card

The Air Miles card is a point card you can use in several places to gain points you can later trade for something else you want.

So far we've had it for a few months and we have almost 200 points which is not that much but if you manage to forget about exchanging your points, it can be of value at a later time when you already have many more.

So you have an example of where you can use it, we use it at Dominion, Rexall pharmacies, and LCBO; and the whole family collects point to a single account, so you can have multiple cards working for one goal, and the best of all? it's free ;)


Anonymous said...

I chose the Aeroplan but I think it's the same kind of card. I'll save my points for now!

Aiglee said...

oh Aeroplan is another one, we have that one too. As far as I can remember Aeroplan is for Air Canada, but Air Miles is supermarkets, stores, etc.