Sunday, 13 July 2008

Casa Loma

Last week we went to Casa Loma and the Renaissance festival :) I really wanted to go to Casa Loma since it looked really interesting and after looking at everything, I was a little dissapointed.

The castle is impressive but nothing out of this world, and knowing all the money the owner had and that he lost everything buying and doing every single thing he did there, well, it's sad.

The festival was interesting but little, just nice.

We paid $2 extra for the ticket to Men in Tights which was really good and funny and more worth it that everything else in my opinion.

And wanted to see the gardens everybody talked so much about, but it was really a small garden and a lot of trees.

So, if you want to see with your know eyes, it's nice and if you are using a Metro Pass, show it when buying the tickets for $2 off ;) Otherwise, not really worth it.


Johnada said...

Thanks for the advice. We've been to the outside a couple of times, but never paid to go inside. It seemed too expensive. I guess we were right.

Zhu said...

Never heard of it. I'll probably pass, I have your pictures now ;)

Aiglee said...

Yeah Johnada, you were right!

Thanks Zhu! I can upload the rest of the pictures to my picasa