Monday, 30 June 2008

I got my G1 Drivers Licence!

Finally, today I got my driver's licence! I had the day off for Canada's day (although I have to work tomorrow) so decided to get my driver's licence. I already had the letter from the embassy that said all the years I had been driving in Venezuela and my venezuelan driver's licence translated, from a few months ago.

What is my surprise that after waiting for more than an hour at Services Ontario, the girl tells me that the letter from the embassy and the translation of the licence are only valid for 6 months :S The letter from the embassy was just ok, it would expire TOMORROW :S but the translation was already expired :'(

I had 3 options, just take the knowledge test without that and having to wait the regulatory times to take the road test, find a valid translation before 5pm and come back, or get everything again and come back. I don't like going to the embassy, and having to do everything again would be really annoying, so I started calling translators I already used at some point or other.

I finally got one to do the translation before 3pm (it was already 11am) but Igor had to send him the scan of the licence as soon as possible. I got home at 12:30pm and he just says "I forgot!" sh*t!! I sent the email and called him, he wasn't home, so I left a message in the answering machine with no idea if he could make it.

At 2pm I call again and he tells me that he is just going in :( but he can try to have it by 3, so at 3pm I'm standing at his front door and thank God he has it ready :D Off I go to Service Ontario again.

I didn't have to wait in line again since the girl told me that if I made it before 5pm, I just had to look for her and she would help me. I paid my $85, took the eye test, they took my picture and told me they would give me full experience. So then I went to take the knowledge test, which I don't remember how many questions had, but I had 2 wrong, ouch, not to worry, I still passed the test! :D

So, after all that adventure I have my temporary driver's licence and waiting for the G1 to get in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks ;) My recommendation for this test? The Ontario driver's book and this web page: Ontario G1 Driver’s License Free Online Practice Test Questions . It has 125 questions to help you prepare for the test and was amazing for me! All the questions in today's test were there ;)


Zhu said...


That's kind of weird you weren't granted a G2 directly though... I understood your troubles but at the same time, I guess it depends on the people, the country you're from etc.

I had a learner permit in France and had to start everything from zero again here. I passed the knowledge test easily and got my G1... I'm ashamed to say this was three years ago and I never took my G2!

I'm not the best driver and it took me years to overcome my fear of driving. Getting better though!

Do you have someone you can drive with?

Aiglee said...

thanks Zhu!!! You really should start over again and take it, maybe with a driving school ;)

I don't have anyone here for that :( So I'll pay a driving school by the hour so I can have a couple of hours to help me refresh everything ;)

Johnada said...

I didn't have to take any tests or anything. They just looked up my U.S. record and gave me the license. Guess it's much easier to be an "American" in Canada.

Warn me when you're taking the refresher course so I can stay away from your neighbourhood on my bike :) (Just kidding, of course)

Aiglee said...

hahahahah, very funny :p

It's good that you can exchange the licence, I saw the list of countries that can do that, and they are not that much.

Nelson said...

I hope you guys are not thinking about buying a car.
You do not need one in TO.
A car is really and expensive object and with the TTC there you are better off.
But it is a good idea to get the license.
You will be able then to rent a car for a weekend or longer periods of time.

Call a driving school and ask them for a couple of hours of training.
You probably just need some pointers.

* First thing you have to do in the test, position your hands correctly on the wheel.
Think of the wheel as a clock and position your hands at ten and two.
Believe me, they look at that.

* Do not I repeat, do not touch the stick for anything other than shifting gears.

* Do not drive one handed.

* When changing lanes, make absolutely sure that you turn your head to check your blind spot.
This is better to exaggerate a bit in your practices and a must do in the test, because if you drive like a Venezuelan, you are not used to this.

* Signal everywhere!

* Practice the 3-way-turn. This is also a must. It is easy and I'm sure that if you drove back home you did at least a thousand times, but the difference here is that you need to signal and twist that neck!

Aiglee said...

Thanks Nelson!! I agree with you, and been thinking the same thing about taking 2 or 3 hours of driving lessons in one of those schools and see how it goes before taking the G2 or the G.

Angel said...

Hi Aiglee

It is very nice of you to put this information on the net, believe I have read all your blogs and they are very interesting,

My name is Angel, from Colombia and I landed here in Toronto last week. I'm living with my family and I'm doing all the stuff you need in order to work

Can you give me your email so I can write you, but the way where can I find a Translator

Thanks for your help


Aiglee said...

Thank you Angel! You can also check my blog in spanish and you can write me to