Sunday, 1 June 2008

Doors Open Toronto - Bay Lower Subway Station

Another stop in Doors Open Toronto was Bay Lower station! This one is an old subway station that was used by the public before but after they built the new line, this one is not used anymore.

Except for filming movies!! :D Or train the TTC personnel ;)

If you just look at the subway station as another subway station, it doesn't look really impressive but if you read the history and think about it like that, then is more fun!


Johnada said...

The only difference I can see is the benches, but I like those benches. I wish they put those in the current subway stations. They should move this station to the airport and build the subway to it!

Aiglee said...

hahahahaha Yeah I liked the benches too :D Soon we'll have the subway station at the airport, I just wish it doesn't take that long!