Sunday, 8 June 2008


We've been to Wonderland twice already, so I think it's time that I say something about it ^^ . First of all, the park is fantastic! I don't like rollercoasters but either way I think the park is REALLY fun and I had a great time :D

You can get there using the TTC, the GO or your car, among others! The first time we went using the TTC and takes 1 hour in bus! They don't accept the metropass so you have to pay your complete fare. In car it took around 20 minutes from Yonge & Eglinton and you have to pay $10 for parking; We'll use the GO next time, so wait for that one :)

There are a LOT of rides and you have to pay extra for just a few rides, just be very patient with the waiting times in line, since they can go to up to 90 minutes.


Zhu said...

We should have gone, it was sooo hot in Toronto!

I didn't know you sold your computer, I guess you couldn't get my email! My fault too, I was late.

We will meet next time, no worries!

Aiglee said...

Hi Zhu, yes, and it seems like the new laptop will arrive in July!!

Have youo been to wonderland before? You should go one day, specially if you like roller coasters.

And, yes, please, we'll try to see each other next time :D