Sunday, 6 April 2008

CN Tower II

Yesterday we went again to the CN Tower but this time we couldn't find a cloud in the sky!! So we paid for the top, the Observation SkyPod Experience :D With that you can get to the observation deck, the glass floor and the SkyPod which is at 447 meters high! I'm not kidding, we were so high that I was dizzy xD But it was so fun either way :)

Here you can see when we were arriving to the tower using the skywalk, and my cousin had to lay down to take that picture, but it was so worth it!!

In this one we are in the skypod, reeeeeeeally high xD And I suffer from vertigo hehe

And this one is a beautiful picture of what you can see up there, we have a lot of pictures and I had to chose just one for this spot, but you can see a lot more in my picasa album ;)

Do you want more? Go to my album, I have a lot more beautiful pictures like this one, even one of the building were I work ^^


Zhu said...

Nice pictures! Were you brave enough to step on the glass panel up there?

Aiglee said...

Thanks... and yes!! I have a picture to probe it! but it's the one you buy at the tower, so I don't have it digital yet!