Monday, 31 March 2008

Family and Friends

I have to apologize for being lost of the blogsphere lately since I know a lot of you are used to me writing fairly frequent and it's that I'm still trying to find the time to do everything I do in a day besides writing in my blog, especially writing it in 2 languages; I could do it before since I had lots of free time but not so much anymore ;)

This saturday I finally met Nelly, she is a blogsphere friend, we met through our blogs, forums and mails, but we finally met in person and it was a great experience since it felt like a long friendship and is hard to remember that we've met for such a short time once you feel like that. What is it that makes us feel like that? Being an immigrant with no family in our new country? Chemistry? both? I don't know, but it felt really good and we spent such a good time we hope to repeat it some time soon :)

We also received our cousin on saturday; she is from Venezuela but was in Vancouver studying english and now she is in Toronto with us for 2 weeks, we are really happy to have her in our house and it's the first member of our family to set foot in our house :D We are showing her Toronto and she loves it! even more than Vancouver ;) So I'll be even more lost from my blog since I'll be spending my free time with her.


Zhu said...

I met my best friends in Ottawa through an immigrant forum here... and three years later, the friendship is still very strong!

Hope we can meet someday ;-)

Aiglee said...

Thats good Zhu!!

Yeah! I so want to meet you someday too :D

Nelson said...

Acabo de encontrar tu blog.
Soy venezolano también y tengo 13 años viviendo en Canadá.
Viví en Toronto pero ahora vivo en otra ciudad del sur de Ontario.

Me parece gracioso leerte pq me lleva a mi epoca de recien llegado.

Aiglee said...

Gracias Nelson :D Asi son las cosas xD