Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I love the fact that you have something to do every week in Toronto, that is something I was missing in Venezuela, and not only you have something to do, but sometimes you have a LOT to do ^^

This saturday we were at the Toronto AnimeCon 2008! It was really cool since we love anime and there was a lot of cosplay (people dress as anime characters) and a lot of things to buy! We bought 2 anime figures, 2 t-shirts and 10 manga books! :)

We also went (that same saturday) to Canada Blooms, which is The Toronto Flower & Garden Festival. Pretty cool too, the smells were so wonderful and the flowers were beautiful!!! I'm just posting one picture here but you can see a lot more in my picasa album, by the way, it was HUGE! I don't think we saw everything there was to see, we were already pretty tired from the AnimeCon xD

After that you would think we were pretty tired and we were, but even though, we went to the movies xD We saw the new Dr. Seuss movie Horton hears a Who, it was GREAT! We really enjoyed it so much! and I don't remember the last time I laught so much, pretty cool, I recommend it! :D


Johnada said...

Wow, there was a lot going on. Good thing there are people like you to tell me about all of the cool things going on in Toronto. I spent last weekend at home reading, and maybe we went to the gym.

Aiglee said...

hehe, yes, but it doesn't work if you hear about it only after the event ^^ I love to read but I have to do it while riding the subway to have time to do a lot more things the rest of the time ;)

Zhu said...

I love big cities for that, always something to do, right?

Plus you got to see flowers... priceless considering spring won't be exactly tomorrow in Canada! :D

tulip said...

I've found you!!!!
Paola went to watch the movie today.. she liked it very much!

Aiglee said...

I've been so out of touch!! Sorry!!!

And yes, I love to be able to do all kind of things, some days I just want to stay home and rest but it's good to know you have the opportunity :)

Tulip, I'm glad Paola liked the movie :D

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

WOW!!!! how intersting Aiglee, you are telling things I couln't know but only from you, good that there is enought to do and see every weekend/week....

The Canada BLOOMS? wow fantastic theta like our "visit: www.keukenhof.nl" in Holland, thats what I like always very very much, there's so much to see...

We went on travelling for a long weekend in the snow, to luxemburg, I made a big collage with 48 different sky's, come and look, Have a good weekend !
greetings from JoAnn (holland)