Monday, 10 March 2008

My job

I received a lot of comments asking me to talk about my job, yes, it's true, all of them in the spanish blog, but I decided to post here too ^^

I started to work about a month and 2 weeks ago in a company called Konverge; it's small (around 20 people) and it has a parent company that it's a loooot bigger :p My job is as a developer in .NET, C# and SQL, everything Microsoft, and at this moment I'm there as a paid intern thanks to Career Bridge but I really hope that they offer me a job with them after being there 3 months (or less ;))

I've always been (since my graduation xD) a Java girl, so developing with Microsoft again has being a little bit hard, even more when my husband is Linux/Apple hahahaha, but oh well, I can do it and accept the challenge. Java and Microsoft can live in peace with me ^^

My official working hours are from 9am to 5pm but we can get there until 10am and obviously go home a little bit later. You have 15 minutes to eat but nobody is taking your time so it's up to you what you do with your time :)

We have a foosball table where we have tournaments from monday to friday at 5pm ;) and everyone is invited so you can imagine it's a very nice place to work.

Most of the people are a love to be with and the others are nice and the working environment is really nice. The computers are great and we have huge monitors :) Ah, and it's only like 10 steps from the subway in downtown, so it's really well placed! And thanks to that, my winter has being so fun! :p

I think this just about covers it right? ;) And sorry if my style is not like always or made big mistakes, I wrote this falling sleep ^^ So now to bed! Questions? comments?


Izrael from Ecuador said...

How much are you making? I was a "paid intern" at Microsoft in Ontario and made 45k a year, I got a permanent position now and it's way better.

Aiglee said...

Hi Izrael, as a paid intern of Career Edge you are entitled to $2215 a month or so, I don't remember the exact amount anymore. I don't know how much any other intern makes, but I can imagine that not being an intern is way better as you said.