Monday, 21 April 2008

Job offer

As you know, I was working at Konverge and Know as an intern with Career Bridge, I really appreciate that opportunity and recommend the program to everyone that can use it and it's thinking about it!

After saying that, I proudly announce that I quit last week! Why am I proud about that? Because I did it after getting a job offer from Konverge and Know as a Solution Developer :D

I'm really happy about it, since I really like my job (well, ok, sometimes I don't) and the people there, and when I took the job as an intern I set a 3 months limit where I should get a job offer there or start looking someplace else, hey, that's the only way you can get better opportunities!

Well, now I have the same responsabilities with the same work hours but with a full time title, better wage and benefits :D and I love it!!


Azzeddine said...

Congrats :)

Aiglee said...

Thanks!!! :D

Zhu said...

Eh eh, you're a true North American now, going for opportunities...!

Good job!

MS Directory Admin said...

Hi Aiglee,
I started visting your blog from last week.Well got to say "You are great!"I really envy you when i see your pics and the way you present things.It seems you are really enjoying your "New Life" out there.I am presently trying to immigrate and yet to start my process.I am also in IT like you and hope to get a "New Life" like you.God Bless you and your family.Three Cheers for CANADA!

Aiglee said...

Thanks Zhu!!

Thank you MS :D Hope you get the paperwork and your visas done in no time! Keep in touch and if you decide to come to Toronto, we may be able to help you get a job in your area fast ;)

MS Directory Admin said...

Thanks Lot a Aiglee.Got to say you are really really great.I may need some help from you when I want to start my process.I need to have my passport ready for my daughter.Do i really need to fill up this detail (passport number of my daughter) when I file it under Simplified Application Procedure or can file it later on after I filed my Simplified Application Procedure.I am not going through any immigration consultant and I am doing it on my own.Please suggest on this which will be really helpful.Do i need to take care of anything apart from this.

Keep posting your pictures in Picasa.Take care and have a nice day!

Aiglee said...

No problem!!

At least in Venezuela I know a couple of cases where the families didn't have passports for the kids and would sent the application without it and just update the passport number when they got it, so it shouldn't be a problem ;)

Anything else, just ask! I'm glad to be of help :D

MS Directory Admin said...

Thanks again..Seriously I dont have words for you..Was just looking at the picks of ur appartment.Its really cool..
So howz is ur new job going..Congrats on ur new swell job...Howz the weather out there

Aiglee said...

Thanks ^^ I really appreciate it :D

I'm doing great at my job, a little full these days, but in the mornings like now I can handle it better xD

The weather is really nice! Between 15 and 22 all the time now, the trees are looking beatiful!!! I have to take pictures so everyone can see how toronto is doing, it's reaaaally nice. I haven't done it since I still have to talk about Niagara! I'm writing about everything a week later :$