Sunday, 6 April 2008

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Yesterday was a really long day because we went to the Royal Ontario Museum after going to the CN Tower!! Like some of you know, I've been with a terrible flu since monday, so how could I manage to do it? A lot of acetominophen, breath right at nigh and a big cup of hot chocolat between the tower and the museum xD

The Royal Ontario Museum or ROM is pretty AMAZING, I've been to museums in Caracas, Atlanta and New York and the ROM in exterior design and dinosaurs has the lead without a doubt!! I know I still have to go to London and Paris :p but hey, I thought the one in New York was the best of the best and it was a great surprise to find such an amazing museum in my new home city :D

It's big but not BIG and it pretty fun for the kids and the adults, we had a great time and I'm planning on going back a lot more! I'm sure we didn't see it all, since we got there at 3pm and the museum was closed at 5:30pm, so not a lot of time, and the coats, jackets and bags from the CN Tower? Not a problem, for just 1$ you can leave them at the door no problem :D

More pictures in my picasa web album!! ;)


Johnada said...

Yeah, the ROM is great. It definitely takes more than one trip to see. Someone I know works there, so we always get in for free!

Aiglee said...

Cool!! 20$ is a little bit too much, so been able to go for free is really great :D