Monday, 7 April 2008

Toronto vs Boston

Yesterday we went to our first beisbol game in Canada!!! :D

We are not really big beisbol fans that know everything about their team and the players, or go to every game or know all the statistics, but we love the ocassional game and since yesterday's game seems like we are going to go more and more :)

We went to see the Toronto Blue Jays vs the Boston Red Sox, which is pretty funny to venezuelans since we have chocolats in Venezuela called Bostons and others called Torontos, so a lot of the times I said I were coming to Toronto they would say "and Boston?", can you imagine when we said to our friends that we were going to a game between Toronto and Boston, so funny xD

The stadium is great! We had good seats and was pretty fun, we ate hot dogs and cheared up for Toronto :D We even saw 3 flags, one Canadian and 2 Venezuelan flags!! That was fun too, since they even zoomed one of the venezuelan flags that was pretty far away from us and we started cheering for the flag ^^

The game had everything, we saw:
* Stollen bases
* A broken bat flying away
* One single home run
* One home run with man in base
* A jay with a broken wing (4 players running for a ball couldn't finish very well)
* And a Grand Slam :D

In terms of fun, between the beisbol games in Venezuela, Atlanta, New York and Toronto, it goes: Venezuela > Toronto > Atlanta > New York ^^

You can see mor pictures in my album as always ^^


Anonymous said...

I almost went last June in Toronto but frankly... I don't have the patience and I really don't get the game!

Aiglee said...

hahahaha, it's fun when you are going with a group of friends, but if you are going alone it must be boring... I learned a lot of beisbol, so I don't play it but I understand it :)

Johnada said...

I love baseball, but haven't been to see any Blue Jays' games yet. I'll definitely go to a lot, especially this summer when they play the Chicago Cubs - my all time favourite team.

Two of my favourite players are from Venezuela - Carlos Zambrono and Johan Santanna. Do you know them?

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

wow Ag,
You really become a real Canadian citizen ,"the red sox???" and that YOU on the photo???? wowowowow, I like to read your sadventures, we are leaving for a short trip 3 DAYS to BELGIUM, see my blog,
Have fun and show some more I like it!!!

Greetings from JoAnn Holland

Aiglee said...

Thanks joann :)

Of course johnada :D I don't know a lot but I know their names and everyone in Venezuela loves them, but is Zambrano, no Zambrono :p

One of the blue jays's pitcher is Venezuelan too ;) Chacin! so you should see him play some day :D