Thursday, 6 December 2007


You are in Canada, already have your SIN number, your PR cards are in the mail, your credit cards are on the way and you are spending your savings, what is your next step? Find a job and a new home if you are in a hotel.

We are at that point, we are looking for a job and for a new home. We have enough savings to last the whole year, but that is not the point right? You are getting nervous because you see your savings go down and you don't have an income.

Now you are looking for an apartment, great, you found the apartment you wanted, but now you can't rent it because you don't have a job and the only other way they offer you is with a guarantor, but you are new in Canada and you don't have anyone!!! You are stuck again :(

We are like that right now... So, please, if you know of a job for us or can act as a guarantor, you'll be an angel for us!!! We can work in any computer science field (some my husband and the others me) and can do other stuff like working in a store or something like that.

Any advices are welcome too :)


Zhu said...

This is Canada's catch 22. Soon you will realize you need Canadian experience to get a job but can't get a job till... well, till you get Canadian experience.

I worked with temp agencies (staffing agencies) at first and that's how I got my first job. I can recommend Maxy's, Barbara Personal or Quantum (not sure if they have agencies in TO".. must have). They will be less picky than employers and they're used to "immigrants".

Once I got this experience, all doors were open! Email me if you need more advice. ;)

Aiglee said...

Hi Zhu, yes, it is a pain in the $%% ^^

I'll check those places and see what I can find en Toronto, thank you!! :D

ErinOrtlund said...

We had that problem when we moved to Scotland for DH's doctoral work. We needed a guarantor to rent an apartment. We were able to use family in the US for this--do you know anyone in Venezuela who could do this, and would the agencies accept that?

Aiglee said...

wow, that would be great, but we can't use anyone in Venezuela since agencies don't accept that :( Is a shame really

Luisa said...


I'm in Toronto too, have you tried to find a basement, it might not be so good as an apartment, but there are some pretty nice basements here.

Aiglee said...

Hi Luisa, well I didn't try it because I read that basements are terrible when it comes to cold and little bugs, but thank you!