Monday, 10 December 2007

Kensington Market

Kensington Market

Today we went to Kensington Market, and is amazing! I'm crazy for going back there several times, specially in the summer.

Kensington Market is a market that has several streets of stores, cafes and places to eat.

The interesting thing is that is a vey artistic place, the clothing stores are most of all vintage clothes and the markets are from all over the world :D

There is japanese, from Jamaica, hungarians, caribbean, hispanic, mexican, portuguese, chinese, italian, from Spain, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Especialties in cheese, fish, meat, chocolate, leather, vegetarians, and others.

We found here Harina Pan! xD

The clothing stores are like this one! No every store is as fun as that one but a lot of them are :D There is clothing of every style, but most of all vintage.

This is an art example of what you will find in those streets :D Too much fun!!

If you want to see more pictures, just go to my picassa album where I have many more ;)


Theresa said...

Just came over from Zhu's. Those are some nice pics you have there, very artistic. Good luck in your new Canadian life. :)

Aiglee said...

Thank you Theresa :D

lin liyi said...

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