Monday, 19 September 2011

You want how many on a what?

Tim Hortons... Gotta love it :) There is a certain hate/love relationship between canadians and this place, some love it and some hate it. Seems to be the one place everyone has an opinion of!

I'm sure everyone has their own little stories about the place, but for me, the drive-thru has to be THE place to find the funniest or the most annoying ones LOL

We got one of our inside jokes from that place. Every single day my friend would go there (and he used to go every day), he would ask for 2 this, or 1 that, and the woman taking the order would go "How many?" in some type of accent. It became the phrase to say among us, "how many?" and we would all laugh about it.

A few weeks ago I went and ask for a breakfast sandwich on a biscuit, but I pronounced it really really funny, and it has been such a joke that I don't want to pronounce it right anymore. So the girl at the drive-thru kinda laughs but still understands what I want without problem.

Yesterday we go again, and this time I'm not driving, so my "nomnom" (who is driving) decides to try to ask for my biscuit the same funny way I do (he is canadian btw) "can I have 2 sausage breakfast sandwich on a biscuit please" and inmediately the woman at the drive-thru goes "on a what?!" hahahahaha

Seems like I'm the only one able to pull that one off :) Now my other friends are going to try the same, see who else can make them laugh, take it seriously or make them say "you want how many on a what?!"

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