Thursday, 19 March 2009

World Baseball Classic 2009

Another thing we were really fortunate to witness was the World Baseball Classic 2009 that was held in different parts of the world. It was divided in 4 groups that played in Mexico, Japan, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Our amazing group C was Italy, USA, Canada and Venezuela and they played here in Toronto!! 6 great games we had the opportunity to see in person!! :D

The first day was saturday with 2 games, Canada vs USA at 2pm and Italy vs Venezuela at 8pm. You can see here that the Canada vs USA game was FULL!!

But then Venezuela vs Italy didn't have many people, same as the rest of the games the rest of the week. The next game was on Sunday at 8pm, and then we had the rest of the games monday, tuesday and wednesday after work :$ So we would be running from work, to the baseball game, to take the bus home and sleep to repeat again the next day xD at the end I was just a liiiitle bit tired... umm... I was awfully tired and couldn't keep my eyes open hahaha

We won the first place in group C and now the next games are played in USA. But not only the satisfaction of winning but also the energy of the games was the amazing part. Sharing with other venezuelans at the stadium, singing and chanting, and feeling a very nice part of your country next to you, that was priceless.


Zhu said...

I know Venezuela is quite bog on baseball.

But I must admit, as a French, the game is a total mystery to me!

Aiglee said...

hehe, yeah, but France is really good in football (or soccer if you wish) and I'm sure a lot other sports :D