Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Discovering the art of cooking

When I was living in Venezuela, we were 6 people in my house, my mum and dad, Igor and my sisters. All of them cooked, all of them knew how and would storm in the kitchen if you were doing something and start saying what you were doing wrong :p

So I didn't cook, I didn't want to go through all that, so I just did at home coffee, arepas, pasta and rice, that was my whole repertoir when we were talking about food, and when I was alone and had to cook for myself it was pretty much a mess ^-^

So I moved to Canada and had Igor cook all the time, I didn't want to try something and hear him say that it wasn't good or just not eat it. The thing is that I wanted things that he didn't want to do, and that's how I decided to try a few things ;)

I don't have pictures of everything but I first started with a tuna, spinach and mozarella dish that I learned from my parents, and altough Igor doesn't like tuna or spinach, he liked it so much that I can do it at least once a month and he'll eat happily :D

Then I did some potatos similar to french fries but in the oven and with oregano, that I saw on tv, it turned out to be pretty good! Igor loved them!! Next I tried some stuffed mushrooms and it was a nice surprise that it turned out to be so good that now Igor asks for them from time to time :D

As you can see, he is my yummy measure, he is really picky, so if he likes something, it is good!... My next one was thanks to a friend that told me his Risotto recipe while having lunch, and just from hearing it, I could reproduce it and I think is one of my best ones so far :)

A few weeks later I had a potluck lunch at work and had to take something from my country, and we decided that a quesillo would be good! So I went to a friend's house and she taught me how to do it, the result: Amazing!!

And the last one of my tries so far, has to do with me wanting sugar. I'm insulin resistant so I can't eat too much sugar and as you know that is not impossible but you have to be carefull. I wanted carrot muffins but the ones you buy or the ones that the mix is ready, they all come with sugar; so I looked for the recipe in Internet, changed a few things and did them with Splenda, and they turned out yuuuuuummmmyyyy :D


Zhu said...

I was the same when I came to Canada, my cooking repertoire wasn't great.

I'm learning though!

A really good dish is sliced zucchinis, onions, peppers cooked in a wok with lemon juice and some feta cheese. Serve with pasta or rice... it's yummy!

What's quesillo?

Emilio said...

Hi there!
Que chevere encontrarles! Nosotros emigramos el año pasado. Somos pareja del mismo sexo Venezolano-americano y estamos felices en Toronto. Yo comparto tu pasion por las artes culinarias y de hecho estoy cursando Chef training en George Brown. Aca esta el link de nuestro Blog: http://canadianhope.blogspot.com/

El mio en Español no lo actualizo hace tiempo, pero esta en los links.

Bienvenidos a Canada!

Lobo said...

Quesillo is what we in Venezuela call a heavier version of Flan, with burnt caramel sauce, very tasty!

Roshan said...

There are some nice pictures about Niagara Falls.It's very interesting

Aiglee said...

It sounds good Zhu :D

Que bueno Emilio :D Gracias!

Like Lobo said Zhu :D Thanks Lobo!

Thanks Roshan!