Saturday, 18 October 2008

Yesterday I got my G2!

Yes! I'm finally able to drive in Canada :D

The test was really easy, especially after the classes I took with one of the Ex-Examiners academy instructors. I thought it would be better this way since I had almost a year without driving and I was a little rusty, besides, they give you the tips to go for a perfect test!

The instructor came to my house and we had a 2 hours first class where he saw how good or bad I was. With that class he told me that I need it 2 more hours and the test. He charged me $30 the hour (which is the price all other academies I asked charge) and $140 for the car the day of the test.

The day of the test, he will give you 2 more hours (included in the price) of practice, and will take you to the testing centre, where you'll have the test in the instructor's car.

The test takes between 10 and 15 minutes, where you have to do regular things like turning right, turning left, stoping at a light and stops signs, parallel parking, three point turn and side parking.

So now I have my G2! :D If you want the name of the instructor, let me know! He is really good ;)


Zhu said...


I can't help feeling ashamed of myself. I have been in Canada for much longer than you and I only have a G1... I had a lot of bad experiences trying to take my driver license as a teen in France and I'm dead scared to go for a test.

One of my dark secret...

Aiglee said...

Thanks Zhu! Don't be ashamed!!! It's not the same for everyone, I did it because now I'm going to need a car, but if you don't need it, why hurry? ;)

Nelson said...

So I guess you are buying a house if you are going to need a car, if that is so, congratulations.

Aiglee said...

It is ;) Thanks!!

Enzo said...

good job i go for my g2 test morrow in hamilton..