Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Immigration: The Constant State of Doubt

My first invited blogger was really fast! He wrote his post in spanish and I did the translation, hopefully I got it right! Enjoy :)

I've been in this country for 3 years, but if we take the application process and others, then it has been more than 4 years with Canada in my head. It's just that the immigration subject doesn't start the day you arrive in Canada... it starts way before! Maybe even the same day you decide to leave your country, and between the different options, we had this country.

Since that holy day we decided to leave and thought of Canada as an option, the doubts started: "Should I really have to go?", "and will it be Canada the right place?", "Will I find a job?", "How much money will I need?", and like that, hundreds of questions went through our heads and will continue to go until the day we say yes, Canada is the place where we want to go, no Spain, no Australia and no Italy... Canada.

During the whole process we continue to hesitate. During that year and a half (or more) that the immigration process takes, we get so much information, take all the paths that Google offers, read blogs, forums and newspapers, listen to the radio, watch movies and tv, talk to friends and strangers, and learn. We'll be learning for 18 months or more, and filling our heads with information that will help us decide. Decide what we will do about our professional experience, with our studies, where we'll live, what we'll eat... and like in every other learning process, the more we learn, the more we have doubts!

The instant you arrive you'll get doubts about your everyday life, with the new things you'll encounter in your path. Doubts about how to handle the day to day, if the choice was correct, or maybe if the winter boots will be as warm as we thought. The everyday life, our new routine and the one of our family will also give us challenges and doubts. Even though, I think doubt is an essential and necessary part of our lives. Doubt is, among other things, part of our soul food that will makes us learn.

I've been 3 years in this country and every day I have more doubts, because if I have doubts I exist... and I like to know that I'm still alive.



'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

wow Aiglee,
this is so rigt out of the heart! Also very true, and doubts shall be always part of our lifes...

my (female) heartfriend went 10 years ago from Holland to France (To live in France) now today she's coming back (she bought a house in holland per oktober 1th) Now she's having 2 houses: 1 in France and 1 in Holland, and Iimagine her doubts...She said to me: "what shall I do" she was really on tears on the phone...

I said to her: "well you can see it this way... you have now 2 houses and 2 countries to stay/live in ,you are more experiences richer, isn't that a rich feeling?" Her tears went aways and she 's was feeling a lot better....

I agree Aiglee, always everything in life has more possibilities/DOUBTS, therefore, we/I have always our doubts, life isn't easy, its can be also a big adventure....

I believe that you are a very tuff woman (stron and filled with adventue and doubts ) You take everything out of life whats possible!

Greetings from a traveller/with doubts also.....
(I lived 6 years in Italy, 2 years in USA and now Holland)

JoAnn's D Eyes

Guillermo said...

I'm glad you liked it Joann


Aiglee said...

Thanks Joann, but that comment goes to Guillermo who was the one that wrote it and commented just after you :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Zhu said...

You're a good translator, it flows well!

I guess we all doubt. I have been in Canada for six years now and I do have setbacks. I don't really want to go back to France but sometimes I wonder if that or this would be easier for me over there.

Aiglee said...

I guess is harder when you come from a country that doesn't have that MANY problems, you will always doubt your decision... For me, well, es different, I was running away.

Thanks for the invitation Natalie! I'll post a link in my blog as soon as I find time!