Monday, 9 January 2012

Black and White

Canada, the country where immigrants love to become extremists! Obviously not everyone is like that, and I'm happy to say my friends are far from that, but there is something about extremists that screams so loud, is hard to ignore.

Extremists will say "no one", "everyone", "all" and other things like that. They will use caplocks to scream their point. They won't take other people experiences, "everyone" else is lying.

I can't say for sure why they do this, but my guess is that they have hit brick walls on their path and are mad about it. They think that if they had a hard time through something, of course everyone else will. They may have some wisdom in their words, but please, don't listen only to extremists, don't let them get you down, do your own research, talk with a lot more people, don't believe everything they say as they say it.

Some of the things people have told me in the past:
  • "Whatever level of english you think you have, is not enough here and you won't understand anyone. You'll have to take classes here". This was someone living here, I was still in Venezuela, the conversation was in spanish. It's a complete lie! Everyone has their own abilities.
  • "For everything in Canada you need a license, to change a lightbulb, to do nails, etc". Please read about your own area of work and investigate. Some need licenses, not absolutely everything. My area (computers) don't need it, don't exagerate people.
  • "You need a valid Venezuelan passport to enter Venezuela". Oh, it was even in caplocks and everything, I wonder why the experience of several other people didn't matter for her. I have several friends and family that travel to Venezuela more than once a year, with Canadian and North American passports and the "cédula" (Venezuelan ID) and not the Venezuelan passport. If you have it, nice, great, even better, but you don't need it if you have another valid passport and the Venezuelan ID.
  • "I don't get together with any venezuelans here, because they never help and they always try to do something bad to you". Any? Always? Never? What am I then? I don't want/need everyone to like me or venezuelans, but please don't come with ideas that everyone is the same. Oh, and however you behave, thats the type of people you will attract ;)
  • "All Canadians are cold". Simply not true, there is everything in life.
  • "Canada is too cold, you'll never get used to it". Everyone is different, Canada is big!
I hope I'm not black and white. I try to look at both sides of the coin, and I'm very careful before giving advises that are extreme. My venezuelan and non-venezuelan friends are ALL wonderful and I love them. Canada is a great country with its good things and its flaws. Read, ask, live!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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danysedai said...

Yep, we Cubans do the same things:
"I don't get together with other Cubans, they never help". What am I,then?
"Canadians are cold" Given our outgoing latino nature, they might seem cold, but they are human beings like all of us, they laugh, make jokes, love, hate, etc.

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