Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Canadian Citizenship Test

Well, have been keeping this one kinda under wraps, but in week and a half I'll be taking my citizenship test!

The test will be composed of 20 questions of multiple selection. I already finished reading the practice guide the goverment sends you when you apply. Now is time to practice a lot for that test!

These are some of the practice tests I've been taking: (Be careful with some of the answers, I'm almost positive I have seen 2 different answers to what did the goverment do to make immigration to the West easier) (Sample test)
Enjoy practicing!


joy4real said...

All the best, am sure you'll nail it!

Aiglee said...

Thank you :D I did!! ^^

kaka said...

am taking my test jan9 2012 any idea how difficlt is it ? i heard itsn't easy