Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Why Canada?

A gut feeling, the right place to be, destiny, coincidence, a leap of faith... All lines that could be used in my immigration to Canada, all lines that could be used in my coming here to Toronto.

I was looking at immigration since 2005 or so, study in Japan? Live in Australia? Go to Spain? The latest 2 common choices around Venezuelans, the first one because of my love for Japan, but Canada? hahaha, nah, thats too cold and I don't know anything about the country!

Around February 2006 my mom sees a newspaper ad for a Canadian immigration lawyer talking about the country, the process and her services and she goes "why don't you go and see?"... "umm... well, have nothing better to do that day, sure!" God's plan in process :)

So I go to the conference, and the moment she starts talking about Canada... wow... I.. start... crying... I admit it, I'm a cry baby, but come on! It just felt right! All the moments when I was a kid and wanted to buy a winter coat in Venezuela, or winter boots and my mom would go "where do you think you will use that?" clicked, me hating the all_year_warm clicked, this was the place I needed to go.

A week later I had a lawyer, and less than year and a half later I had a permanent resident visa. During all that year I read and studied Canada like crazy!!! Went to every single immigration forum I could find, and listened to Canadian radio stations online.

By fortune/chance/destiny the radio station I liked the most was Chum FM, a Toronto radio station; so a year of hearing about Toronto, the chances for the IT market, the english instead of french, the fact that is an amazing big city, all of them were in play for deciding Toronto would be my home.

Knowing no one here, being the first venezuelan blogger in Toronto, they were all part of the leap of faith, an experience I don't regret at all and absolutely love.


joy4real said...

I'm glad it all worked out for you.
I'm also in the process and looking forward to life in Toronto.

joy4real said...

May you please write about your new
home, daily life and neighbourhood,including pictures. I enjoy such posts. Thanks

Aiglee said...

Thank you Joy :)

I took some pictures to write about it for you, but haven't had the time to post about it! Hopefully this week!!!

Anonymous said...

I used to read your blog regularly and it is a pleasure to see that you are back. We are at the end of our immigration process and soon will be joining you in Canada. I have to say that I stole one of your ideas and hanged Canada map on my fridge (yours was on bedroom wall i think). Thank you very much for all the posts... Best wishes from Bosnia Jaca

joy4real said...

I also have the Canada map on my
bedroom wall,lol.

Freddy said...

Hey Aiglee,
Likewise you were dreaming about Canada, i'm also on the way to make that dream come true! Your blog is really nice. I'm experiencing Toronto right here.

Keep Moving
God Bless